Finally, I surrendered !!

Usually, I would spend time exchanging pleasantries and engaging in small talk. I will Love to do all that but I honestly have an urgent message which is to let you know it's time to surrender your husband to God!!

It is a very pressing matter because all this while you've tried to do things your own way and tried to control this man of God and the Lord sent me to tell you to stop! It is time to surrender.

Give up and just stop frustrating yourself already, because this has gone on for far too long and you were never made to control him. All your control will ever do and have done is lead your whole family astray. Stop it today and surrender it all to God.

Give up and let go for God to take complete control of your husband and your situation. Eve tried to control man and you see where that lead us all today(Genesis 3:1–7)

I am begging and pleading with you to stop controlling your husband today!!

You keep praying and there is no change because you are still in control and you've not allowed God to take control.



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Rhoda Omejia

Rhoda Omejia

Mompreneur| Relationship Coach|Life strategist Women & Marriage Empowerment— Healing advocate. Founder of @prayingwivesc