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Part 2: Guideline to attain Results -continuation of :This will help jump start your year!

As we approach the 1st half of this year 2018, I wanted to post the part 2 of my post earlier in the year.

Most of the times we do not even go far along with our new years resolution ; most of us fall off the wagon in no time. I know I have in the past so many times and still struggle when trying to make change in a particular area in my life which is because change activated a force of nature. Even babies who are so innocent when their parents say no, it activates the drive in them to do exactly what they were told not to do, but with love, care and consistent discipline they get to change for the better.This principle applies to anything that we want to change and every aspect of our lives that we want to make a change in.

Advice for this new year , to take into consideration while working on our new years resolution, or making big plans :

  1. Set Realistic Goals ; do not over exert pressure on yourself.
  2. The power of focus : Work on a few things at a time, if possible pick an area and focus all your time and effort in that one area for a period of time to achieve real results. Multitasking is great but when you are giving your attention to so many things at once you end up messing up or doing each of them half-heartedly.
  3. Grace: When working on a goal or a lifestyle change expect to slip up while working on that area. Give grace to yourself as you ploy your way toward change.
  4. Pray: for God to give you grace to keep running the race. In our own strength we cannot make it but by his grace we are over to overcome setbacks, obstacles and failures.
  5. Relationship with God : If you find problem areas in your behavior, lifestyle etc, one of the easy ways to attack those areas is to focus on working on your relationship with God. Let God lead you and direct you, but when your relationship with God is getting better then light will begin to shine in every aspect of your life that needs change and you will notice a crave for change in those areas. The scripture: Psalms 37:4 states: Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. My husband preached a sermon once and what he said was very profound and stuck with me. He said; this scripture means God will give you what to desire if you delight yourself in him. We generally understand it as ;the desires of our heart that we pray he will give to us but while that is true in some way, our heart desires are very fleshly and not good most of the time. They are all self centered but when God give you what to desire you begin to desire his kingdom purpose. When you you begin to have a relationship in God he removes your attention from yourself from been self focused, even though the work he is going to do is in you, but this time it will be seen in the light of it been done in your life for his kingdom purpose, not for yourself. There is a bigger plan beyond our walls.
  6. Consistency : No matter how long it takes for you to get to where you want to be, the ability to keep getting up when you fall is the drive that will attain results. As light shines on an area of your life and you try to focus on it, there are a few phases you will go through. The first face: you will be excited and motivated, second phase: the excitement dies and then you begin to see the full picture of how bad this area is so then in this stage most people start slacking which leads to quitting or others push through. Third phase is after you push through you begin to discover ways to do better to begin to stick to the change or enjoy the process of the change because during this stage you have seen the picture of how bad this area is and you have also seen the picture of what a the change looks like and feels like. In this phase you have to continue to the path of change. Phase four, you begin to walk in that change, and benefit from all the hardworking and effort that you put in to get you to where you have gotten. Now in this stage you can still experience slip ups but the amazing thing is when you slip, you know exactly what to do to get up and keep it going.

These are a few points to considering when trying to attain and achieve change in your life. The process at times might be slow but staying consistent will bring the results. This applies to all of us and I too, will continue to apply these steps in various areas of my life. I hope this was a blessing to you all. Thanks for stopping by today and reading.

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